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Pre-Trip Information


Release and Waiver

Thatch Caye Adventure Book

Hooray!   You’ve already booked your stay with us!   We can’t wait to have you join us on the island.    Have a read through our pre arrival package to help answer any questions you might have about what to expect on the island, what to bring, important contact information, and much more

One of the most unique and wonderful features of Thatch Caye Resort is that we are a private island, off the mainland in a remote area. Our location gives us easy access to amazing diving, bird watching and other water sport activities. The purpose of the form is to both notify our guests of the specific risks and to encourage them to take the appropriate precautions, which include notifying us of any medical or personal concerns they may have. We also hope that it encourages our guests to get travel insurance before their departure so that if there are any issues, they have the appropriate coverage.   We have an impeccable safety record and want to keep it that way.

Have a look at our 2014 Adventure Book for a complete list of tours and activities available during your stay at Thatch Caye Resort.    Tours are included as part of many of our packages, or if you’ve chosen the Rest & Relaxation package, you can book activities on site with Guest Services when you arrive.